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Osamu Matsuda is graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Arts in 2009. Since then, Matsuda has been creating works using videos, objects and drawings based on the theme of “life” and “death,” employing motifs such as social issues, phenomenon and customs hidden in a society. So called negative presence, such as shut-ins and NEETS or battles and death in computer games, the view of life in virtual world which repeatedly played are also important theme in Matsuda’s creation.

Temporary Closure

We are temporary closed in consequence of the COVID-19 Virus (Coronavirus). Anniversary Event 2020 will be canceled./コロナウイルス感染拡大防止のため、当分の間、休館いたいます。何卒、ご理解賜りますようお願い申し上げます。毎年、開催しておりましたアニバーサリー・イベント2020も中止いたします。

Study Room

Chim↑Pom 《気合い100連発/耐え難き気合い100連発》 KIAI 100 / Unendurable KIAI 100 《It’s the wall world (バングラディシュボスティのチャイ屋)(歌舞伎町振興組合ビル内ラーメン二郎)》 It’s the wall (Bangladesh) (Kabukicho) 《SUPER RAT》 《SUPER RAT -Scrap & Build 2017 - Chim↑Pom会議議事録(~2019)》 SUPER RAT -Scrap & Build 2017- Chim↑Pom meeting minutes(~2019)
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