Osamu Matsuda is graduated from Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of Arts in 2009. Since then, Matsuda has been creating works using videos, objects and drawings based on the theme of “life” and “death,” employing motifs such as social issues, phenomenon and customs hidden in a society. So called negative presence, such as shut-ins and NEETS or battles and death in computer games, the view of life in virtual world which repeatedly played are also important theme in Matsuda’s creation. In his recent activities, he used his own upbringing and social issues in his works and displayed humorous attitude and vitality in solo exhibition “Nothing is Serious” (2015) and he presented the way to escape from already established ideology and values ironically in his latest solo show, “You Know, You Know” (2017). He also published DVD “Gatapishi!” created opening movie for theater production by Minamoza and participated in The Influencers Festival 2014.

近年の活動では、自身の生い立ちや社会問題をコンセプチュアルに作品へ落とし込み、ユーモラスかつ生命力溢れた態度を示した2015年の個展「何も深刻じゃない」がある。また、2017年の個展「みんなほんとはわかってる」では、人がつい参照してしまいがちな、過去に作られたイデオロギーや価値観等から逃れることを、アイロニーを交えて提案した。 展覧会以外の活動としては、DVD作「ガタピシ!」のリリースや劇団ミナモザの劇中オープニングムービー制作、バロセロナで催された The Influencers festival 2014への映像提供などがある。